What to Wear to a Wedding Reception

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August 29, 2023

Finding the perfect cool, sophisticated and stylish wedding reception outfit can be difficult, especially if there’s a strict theme or dress code. Thankfully, we’re here to help you choose the right outfit! Here are 4 tips for choosing what to wear to a wedding reception:

Know the Dress Code

This invitation should tell you everything you need to know about the reception’s dress code, and therefore help you to decide what is appropriate to wear as a guest. This invitation could be specific – for example ‘lounge suit’ or ‘tuxedo’, or it could say something vaguer like ‘party clothes’. If you’re unsure, just confirm the dress code with the organiser – you could even send them a photo of the outfit you intend to wear to double-check that it fits the brief. 

Respect Your Hosts

A wedding reception isn’t the best place to debut your brand new green onesie. Although it might be tempting to take risks and dress to stand out, you don’t want to take any attention away from the bride and groom. 

Consider the Location

The location of the wedding – along with the time of year and the general dress code – is essential for your outfit choice. For example, if it’s being held at the beach, cream linen tailoring can look fantastic. If it’s in the country, dig out your glen check suit and your favourite pair of brogues. If it’s in an urban location in the city, something more modern and unusual could be a perfect choice.

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

An exciting occasion can tempt you to wear something fancy and elaborate that you would never usually wear. However, it’s important for you to remember that a well-cut and elegant suit is always better than something flashy in terms of elegance. You don’t want to draw attention away from the groom, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or like you’re trying to be someone else. Dress in your style, but elevate it!

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