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August 5, 2022

WHAT TO | Wear to the Airport Stylish
Men’s Airport Outfit Guide

When travelling between cities or countries you’ll eventually have to decide what to wear to the airport. Amidst the long overnight trips, overtired children and soulless bars, it’s hard to view the airport as a style hotspot. However, if we’ve learnt anything from the male population of celebrities, it’s that the airport is now a leading stage for the well-dressed. Typically, your decision will be between style or comfort, and while both equally important, the two are not mutually exclusive. Before you find yourself obsessing over what to wear to the airport, read on to view our recommended airport styling tips and get your stylish airport outfit sorted.

3 Failsafe Travel Outfits


Airport Athleisure

Athletic wear is ideal for comfort, which is everything you need when you board your next flight. The goal of this outfit style is to try to look smart but still feel like you’re wearing pyjamas. Style this strategically to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, even if you did. Wear your sportswear stables with livelier, more structured pieces of clothing. Always stick to closed in shoes, and if the weather permits, complement your shoes with collared outwear such as denim jacket or trench coat. Swap the hoodie for a sweater or pullover, and stick to neutral colours rather than something bright, patterned, or with a slogan. You can dress yourself up with accessories such as a leather backpack or a cap. Keep it simple, deciding what to wear to the airport should be straightforward, you just need to look smart and be able to sit down in your clothes for a while. If you’ve ticked both these boxes, you’ve found yourself an athleisure outfit to wear to the airport.


The Business Traveller

If you’re travelling to a destination where you’ll be spending your time in a boardroom, rather than at the beach, it’s best you maintain a professional style of dress when choosing what to wear to the airport. Stick to loafers or boat shoes for ease of slipping them on and off, and to get through security quickly. Always bring a jacket or a blazer, and stick to comfortable fitting trousers, jeans or chinos. It’s likely you’ll only bring one suit with you so to avoid creasing it’s best you wear a tailor-made suit which will always be made with a higher grade material and will result in a better drape of the fabric. Arriving at your destination looking as sharp as when you took off is impossible if your tailoring is a crumpled heap. So go for a high-twist fabric such as cotton or wool to maintain a semi-kempt look. For the business traveller deciding what to wear to the airport, dress as if you’re expecting to run into a client on the route.


Plenty of Pockets

In a business casual fashion, opt for business style on top and include a jacket so you can optimise your use of pockets. If your luggage is nearing capacity, any extra pockets you have are your best friend, especially when dealing with a strict airline. When choosing a jacket, choose a neat and structured style. Ideally a suit jacket with multiple passport and credit-card-sized pockets you can use to your advantage. Avoid looking too dressed up by opting for a pair of chinos on the bottom with a comfortable and stretchy fabric. The same goes with your hand luggage. The more pockets, the better. A simple leather duffle bag is always in fashion and can look great with any style of airport wear you choose. Organise your cords and your documents using the internal pockets, and rest assured knowing where everything is. When deciding what to wear to the airport, always choose versatile pieces that you can wear multiple times over your trip. Let’s face it, what you wear when travelling is as equally important as what you wear when you reach your destination, so pick wisely. For more information about what to wear to the airport, get in touch with Black Jacket Suiting for great tips and advice.

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