How to wear a hired suit: necktie or bow tie style

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August 30, 2023

Ever since Doctor Who exclaimed “bow ties are cool”, the old fashioned and previously mocked bow tie has leapt back into the necessities of a stylish man’s wardrobe. With this returning trend, men today are faced with the choice between the necktie and the bow tie.

If you own a suit you may be more accustomed to choosing which neck adornment to wear. However when you hire your suit it can be difficult working out whether a necktie or bow tie works best with your outfit.

Styles change, colours clash, seasons differ and trends evolve. So should you wear a bow tie or neck tie? Here are some examples of when you should wear a bow tie and when you should wear a necktie when hiring a suit.

The Bow Tie

The bow tie is now a common occurrence in men’s fashion but is still an interesting choice for any occasion. If you have hired a suit for a formal event then you will almost definitely want to wear a bow tie – they are the new and improved formal attire.

However bow ties also work at the other end. Going casual with a bow tie – usually a patterned one works best – can either dress down a dark suit, or dress up a casual suit. You don’t necessarily have to hire a separate suit for each occasion, just slip on a different tie and voila!

The Necktie

There are many advantages when opting for the necktie. In fact you can almost not go wrong with a necktie as it works with all types of suits. You don’t need to go out and match a tie to your temporary hire suit, any generic colour neck tie will work. As long as you are not clashing colours and patterns – can look trendy if done right – the necktie is always your safe option when choosing what to wear with a hire suit.

Not only do they work with almost any suit, they make you look taller and they can even showcase your personality through the many available options. The necktie can add a simple formal finish to any hire suit and for any occasion.

In Summary

Here at Black Jacket Suiting we have a wide range of suits to hire which we are always looking to enhance. Whatever your suit hiring needs, be it formal or casual, finding the right look can sometimes be all about the tie.

Hiring a suit is one of the best and affordable ways to enhance your style. Choosing the right tie for your hired suit can further increase this confidence. Whatever your trend, using the perfect tie can ensure your suit never looks hired.

Remember, a perfectly tailored suit isn't just attire, it's an experience. Book an appointment today, and let us be a part of your extraordinary journey.

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